Antigen Conjugate
Antigen conjugation of the company include the series of food security, drug of abuse, antibiotic detection and pesticides detection
MET Conjugate
MOP Conjugate
BZO Conjugate
OPI Conjugate
COC Conjugate
THC Conjugate
Mono Conjugate
BAR Conjugate
TCA Conjugate
BUP Conjugate
PPX Conjugate
THE Conjugate
ACE Conjugate
BZO Conjugatesaliva)
KET Conjugate
TRA Conjugate
BZO Conjugate (Strong Negative)
THC Conjugatesaliva)
FTY Conjugate
AMP Conjugate
KET Conjugate100ng
MQL Conjugate methaqualone
MDMA Conjugate
BZO Conjugate(High Sensitivity)
PCP Conjugate
RAC Conjugate
SAL Conjugate
OXY Conjugate
PPF Conjugate
MTD Conjugate
COT Conjugate
MDMA Conjugate
CLB Conjugate
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